King Davis III


Dr. Davis is the former Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Mental Health and has held professorial positions in Mental Health and Public Policy at Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Texas at Austin, where he also served as the director of the Institute for Urban Policy Research Analysis. He has published widely on the subject of race and mental illness in African-American communities. He is currently the director of the “Central Lunatic Asylum for the Colored Insane Archives Project,” which is working to digitize the records of the Central Lunatic Asylum, an African-American mental hospital founded in Petersburg, VA, in the 1870s.

Selected Publications:

The Color of Social Policy. Alexandria, Va: Council on Social Work Education Press, 2004. Co-edited with Tricia Bent Goodley.

“Psychologists and foundations: New and continuing roles for psychological practice.” The National Psychologists. Vol. 16, #5 (2007): 14-24.

“Cultural Competence and Evidence-Based Practice in Mental Health Services: A complementary perspective.” American Psychologist. Vol. 62, No. 6. (2007): 563-574. Co-authored with Arthur Whaley.

“Expanding the Theoretical Understanding of Oppression. The Carl A. Scott Memorial Lecture.” Alexandria, Va: Council on Social Work Education (2002): 1-33.

“The intersection of socioeconomic variables, oral health, and systemic disease: All health care is cultural.” Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry, Vol. 21, Supplement 30 (2000): 40-48.